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The classes are a:

  • Chance to meet mums-to-be and discover information from each other and make new friends on your journey to be a mum.

  • Chance to get Physical and Emotional support through your pregnancy (Please read list below).

  • Chance to do gentle Exercises are based around you as a mum-to-be and can be altered for individual needs such as SPD and back pains and the classes are recommended by the Physiotherapy department in Chelmsford - You are an individual

  • The classes allow you  to bond with your baby in a beautiful relaxation time when you can feel baby while floating in water with support of woggles.

Taken October 2019

The Physical Benefits:

  • Promotes general health to mother and baby. 

  • Brings balance to hormones.

  • Strengthens and increases your stamina.

  • Improves your circulation.

  • Increases your lung capacity, with technique demonstrated for labour.

  • Water supports the body allowing joints and muscles to move more freely. 

  • Increase flexibility and mobility. 

  • Relieves pregnancy discomfort.

  • Can help reduce your blood pressure through teaching calmness. 

  • Opens the pelvis while being supported by the water. 

  • Tones abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. 

  • Increases optimum foetal positioning.

  • Promotes relaxation, calmness and laughter.

The Emotional Benefits:

  • Feeling Comfortable and increasing laughter.

  • Bonding with other women.

  • Learning to feel free.

  • Feeling the combination of power and release. 

  • Facing fears.

  • Taking responsibility and gain confidence for the birth. 

  • Calms the mind and emotions. 

  • MOST importantly bond with your baby.


Cost is £54 for 6 week starting from your first night at the class.

Location is Newlands Springs School Pool, Nickleby road, Chelmsford.

Night running Tuesday or Thursday night at 8pm.

Email:- for a space 

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