Post Natal 

These classes are a recovery Program from carrying your baby, which will help your core be ready for the next level of exercise.

Classes are designed to build up Pelvic, core abs and release hormone stress due to new life as a family.

All Welcome!

the classes cover C-section recoveries,   through gentle Stretches are there help to re-align your spine, stabilise your pelvic and tone it especially if you have had lower back pain and or SPD during your pregnancy, it will also help with closure if you have Diastasis Recti ( abdominal separation) which comes in many ways. But correcting this separation will be the start of reducing life times of back aches or lack of tummy muscles. 

The benefits of these classes are huge with the emotional care and physical benefits which can lead to a happier you.

These classes have been running for the last 4 years and have been very rewarding to the mums that have attended even strengthening the core ready for next baby.


Water based classes - Enabling Micro Movement exercises up to strong core exercises over a 5 to 6 weeks course, finishing with relaxation. 

Cost is £56 for a 6 week course

Day is Monday 

Time 8pm

Location Chelmsford

Class Size is 12

No price change since 2018