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Bond with baby and Relax

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This class is for you!


The classes are a

Chance to meet mums to be and discover information from each other and make new friends on your journey to be a mum.


Chance to get Physical and Emotional support through your pregnancy (please read list below).

Chance to do gentle Exercises are based around you as a mum to be and can be altered for individual needs such as SPD and back pains and the classes are recommended by the Physiotheraphy department in Chelmsford - you are an individual.

The classes allows you to bond with your baby in a beautiful relaxation time when you can feel baby while floating in water with support of woggles



 The Physical is

Promotes general health to mother and baby

Brings balance and hormone

Strengthens and increase your stamina

Improves your circulation

Increase your lung capacity, with technique

demonstrated for labour

Water supports the body allowing joints and

muscles to move more freely.

Increase flexibility and mobility

Relieves pregnancy discomfort

Can help reduce your blood pressure through

teaching calmness

Opens the pelvis while being supported by

the water

Tones abdominal and pelvic floor muscles

Increases optimum foetal positioning

Teaches relaxation, calmness and laughter









   The Emotional is

Feeling Comfortable and increasing


Bonding with other women

Learning to feel free

Feeling the combination of power and


Facing fears

Taking responsibility and gain confidence

for the birth

Calms the mind and emotions

MOST importantly bond with your baby.

Thank you ladies for your comments!

I was recommended to try aqua natal classes at a physio class on 'good posture during pregnancy' run by the NHS. I was so grateful for that time each week to meet other pregnant ladies and to focus on my baby. Jan was a brilliant teacher and put everyone at ease. I used the relaxation time to rest and recoup and to practise hypnobirthing breathing and affirmations. My waters actually released in the pool during my last Aqua class and my daughter was born 6 hours later at home in water. Everyone should have access to aqua natal, it's the only time you feel weightless as a childbearing mum-to-be. - Kerry Bassi

This honestly was the best thing I did when I was pregnant. My only regret is that I started too late in my pregnancy. There really is nothing like the feeling of floating round on your tummy and taking the weight of your bump off your legs and back. The best nights sleep of the week was always after my class. Don't waste time thinking about doing a class - you've only got 9 months! (I made some lovely new friends too!! - Sara Hogan - Pudding club Brentwood

 The birthing pool was fantastic, and I would recommend to anyone.  To not be in a static position on your back and have the warmth of the water and freedom to move helped so much.  I also had some similar relaxation music on my iPod that we use in the class, so I was able to take myself 'away' to Monday nights drifting around the pool! From Fiona

Jan, your words of breathing down to your toes and focusing on the baby was all that kept going through my head and this got me through the touch times.  The classes helped without a doubt. Sara 1st time mum

"I would like you say thank you to you for the classes they were amazing and really helped me through my pregnancy and initial stages of labour."? Hannah Bannister

The breathing techniques kept me very controlled & focused, so thanks Jan- the classes were a big help! Becky Hopkins

I joined the Aquanatal class with a couple of friends when I was 13 weeks pregnant and found it to be a really valuable source of exercise, support and advice throughout my pregnancy. In particular the breathing and pelvic floor exercises I was grateful for during labour and beyond, but being new to Chelmsford it was also a really good way to get to know people and means I often now bump into people when out and about. My particular favourite from the class was the relaxation session at the end, as I found it really helped to relieve my sore back during the later stages of pregnancy - thanks Jan! - Anna Provan